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A Forever Bond, inc.
Domestic Adoption Program
Domestic Adoptions Program

A Forever Bond, Inc. offers a domestic adoption program for prospective adoptive parents who want to provide a home for children who need the love and stability of a family. A Forever Bond, Inc. will complete the adoptive home study, match a prospective adoptive family with a birth mother, provide counseling to the birth parents, assist with the relinquishments of parental rights for the birth parents, place the child in the home, provide post placement supervision and prepare the court report. A Forever Bond, Inc. also has the ability to assist prospective adoptive families with interstate adoption services if they do not live in Florida.

Prospective adoptive families will first complete the home study process before being approved to adopt. Once approved to adopt, the family profile will be placed on our website and shown to birth mothers for a potential match. Once selected by the birth mother, you will meet and get to know her during the rest of the pregnancy. After she delivers and is medically discharged from the hospital (usually 48 hours after the birth), she can then sign the relinquishment and the baby will be placed in your home. There is no revocation period in Florida. Florida requires at least three post placement visits to occur within the first ninety days after placement. Then you will be able to finalize your adoption!

Adoption Costs

We understand that adoption is not inexpensive. Our fees are determined based on expenses, and include certain unavoidable costs such as rent, utilities, telephones, printing, supplies and postage, as well as compensation for our staff. Our fees must cover all operating expenses and provide sufficient reserve to cover months without placements or expenses incurred in connection with children who are ultimately not placed for adoption with our clients.

The costs associated with our Domestic Adoption Program can be mitigated by the Federal Adoption Tax Credit which allows families to claim a credit on their taxes for adoption related expenses up to $13,840 if your modified adjusted gross income is equal to or less than $207,580. There are also many grants and loans available.


Under Florida law, section 63.082 of the Florida Statutes, a birth parent may place her child for adoption with a private adoption agency, even if the child is under jurisdiction of the juvenile dependency court and in foster care as long as no final judgment of termination of parental rights has been entered. This process, called intervention, allows a parent to regain a sense of control over her child, participate in the selection of a prospective adoptive family, and have the comfort of knowing that the child will be placed quickly into a loving home, with permanency achieved in a short time frame. Please let us know if you are interested in an intervention adoption.

Download a copy of the application packet here to get started today!


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