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Family Profile Creation

Adoptive Family Profile

Domestic Adoptions Program

An adoptive family profile is a photo or scrap book of pictures and written information about you as a prospective adoptive family. Your family profile is an important part of introducing yourselves to expectant parents. It is a tool designed to interest them in learning more about you as a prospective adoptive family for their child. It shows them the possibilities for their baby. The goal of the family profile isn't to connect with each and every expectant parent, but rather to connect with the right expectant parent for your family.

Some tips when creating your family profile include:

  • Address the prospective birth mom personally - acknowledge that what she is going through is hard and that you appreciate and respect her and the difficult decision she is making for her child.
  • Show what your life will be like with her baby - you want her to be able to picture what her child's life would be like with your family.
  • Organize your thoughts - plan what you want to say and show before you start so you don't get bogged down with too much information.
  • Be descriptive - descriptive writing can make a huge difference in showing a birth parent what life is like in your family.
  • Use existing pictures (special occasions, wedding, vacations, holidays, extended family members, pets, etc.) - look for fun photographs and don't just pick the ones where you look the best because it might not show your personality.
  • New pictures for the profile of what everyday life is like - take pictures of what is important to you in your daily life such as hobbies, sports or activities you enjoy while you are doing them.
  • Show the activities - don't just use selfies but take pictures that show the activity along with your personality.
  • Remove identifiers and distractions from the background - think about what the pictures look like to a stranger.
  • Have fun - it will show in the pictures when you are enjoying yourselves and having fun.

There are many companies on-line who will create your adoptive family profile for you if you don't feel that you are able. We are also here to help with tips and advice so please don't hesitate to give us a call. The important thing to remember is to be genuine!


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