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A Forever Bond, inc.
Frequently Asked Questions
How To Adopt


What services does A Forever Bond, Inc. offer?

A Forever Bond, Inc. is licensed to provide the following services:

  • Domestic Home Studies and Post Placement Supervision
  • Domestic Adoptions (Agency, Pre-Matched or Interstate Adoptions)
  • Birthparent counseling and Case Management services
  • Adoption Education
  • Information and Referral

What is your licensure information?

A Forever Bond, Inc. has been licensed by the Florida State Department of Children and Families since 2018.

Does A Forever Bond, Inc. assist with out-of-state adoptions?

Yes, we can assist you in completing an Interstate adoption either to or from Florida. You would just need to work with an agency licensed in your state to provide Home study and Post Adoption Services.

Can we be undergoing fertility treatments while in the adoption process?

No. To be healthy adoptive parents, you need to have completed all your infertility treatments and given yourself the time necessary to grieve for the biological children you have dreamed of. Only after this important step can you be truly ready to begin the adoption process. Please talk to your social worker if you have any concerns about this requirement.

What if we become pregnant during the adoption process?

Notify our office and your social worker immediately. It is our policy to put files on hold once we are notified of a client's pregnancy, your file will be on hold until your child is at least 1 year old in order to allow time for attachment and bonding. When you are ready to begin the adoption process again, contact our office to discuss your adoption plans.


What is an Adoption Study and why do we need one?

An adoption study (also known as a home study or pre-placement assessment) is a process that includes a series of meetings with a social worker, designed to help educate prospective adoptive parents about adoption. A home study is a review of you, your spouse, and anyone else living in your home. It is required for almost every adoption. The home study helps the courts and the agency determine if a stable environment exists for a family to receive an adoptive placement.

What areas does the Home Study cover?

You will receive a home study packet that includes the following:

  • Questionnaires asking for a self-description, childhood experiences, family life style, and future goals.
  • Forms for medical exams
  • Requests for financial statements
  • A request for copies of documents such as Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, divorce decree(s), etc.
  • An outline for an Autobiography
  • Employment history
  • Discipline practices
  • Racial considerations
  • Education
  • Instructions for criminal background screening
  • Requests for references
  • The requirement of an infant CPR class and First Aid training before the home study is complete

The information is needed to help your social worker understand your needs and make a successful evaluation of your home environment. Information from interviews and from paperwork completed by applicants is consolidated into a written report. Contents of the report must follow guidelines set forth by the applicant's state of residence and the state from which the applicant is adopting.

What changes can I make in the Home Study?

Your social worker will take all of the information collected and prepare a written report. A copy of the home study will be sent for you to review. The social worker's opinion cannot be changed. If there are any factual mistakes that need to be corrected, you are to contact your worker directly.

When should we start the Home Study?

It is extremely important that the home study be started immediately. A home study can take up to 90 days to complete. It is recommended that you not begin the search to locate a child without a completed home study. Once the application and Home Study fees are received by A Forever Bond, Inc., a social worker will be assigned to begin your study.


How long will it take to complete the adoption?

This is the most frequently asked question and is the one that is the most difficult to answer accurately and precisely. We can only provide applicants with estimated time frames. It must be kept in mind that estimates can only be based upon past cases; we cannot fully predict or guarantee what will happen in the future. We understand that adoption often necessitates a family "putting their lives on hold" until a child arrives. We provide as much information as we have regarding expected waiting times but much can, and often does, happen to affect the length of time it takes to complete the adoption process. It is impossible to predict every variable that impacts on waiting times. Patience will be an important ingredient in successfully completing a domestic adoption.

How much does an adoption cost?

In your packet is a fee schedule for services provided by A Forever Bond, Inc.

Are there restrictions for prospective adoptive families to apply for A Forever Bond, Inc.'s domestic adoption program?

There are no restrictions due to religious beliefs.

A Forever Bond, Inc. does restrict the minimum age allowance of an adoptive parent to 25 years old and maximum age allowance of an adoptive parent to be 50 years old.

There are no restrictions on marital status but it could affect the manner in which an adoption is processed, i.e. unmarried couples have to adopt as a single parent adoption. Married couples must have been married a minimum of 2 years and each prospective adoptive parent may have no more than 2 previous divorces.

Prospective adoptive families must be open to the adoption of a child of either gender. A Forever Bond, Inc. policy does not allow families in our adoptions programs to make gender specific requests.

What should we do if we do not live in Florida?

If you live outside of Florida, you must find a local agency to do your home study. You will be responsible for the home study fees as charged by the local agency. The agency must meet the following requirements:

  • The agency must be licensed by your resident state.
  • You must provide A Forever Bond with the agency's name and address.
  • A Forever Bond will send an outline of requirements to be included for the State of Florida.
  • You will need to complete all the requirements for the Interstate Compact.
  • A Forever Bond will guide you and complete the necessary paperwork.

What is the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC)?

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) is an agreement that controls the lawful movement of children from one state to another for purposes of adoption. If your child is born in another state, a set of forms must be completed by the agency so that both states involved can be assured that the requirements of each state have been addressed and met. You must have an ICPC in place before you can leave that state to return home.

What are post-placement supervision visits?

Post placement supervision visits are follow-ups to the home study. They consist of visits from a social worker to assess the status of the child and how the adoptive parents are adjusting. Once a child is placed in your home, the agency that performed your home study will complete the required number of post-placement visits. The number and timing of visits varies from state to state.


What birth parent information will we receive?

As part of the screening process, A Forever Bond, Inc. will obtain as much information as possible about the Birth Parents' health history, ethnicity and social background. A Forever Bond, Inc. will also seek a release from the Birth Mother to obtain her prenatal and birth medical records along with the child's medical records.

How does A Forever Bond, Inc. safeguard against disrupted adoptions?

A Forever Bond, Inc. focuses on building a trusting relationship with its birth mothers and helps to foster a trusting relationship between the birth mother and her adoptive parents. This relationship helps identify a birth mother's needs and helps us understand her commitment to her adoption plan. A Forever Bond Inc.'s commitment to the birth mother support system creates a comfort level with birth mothers and helps the agency to understand the factors and circumstances that have led her to adoption and her commitment to her adoption plan. While there is no way to guarantee against a birth mother changing her mind or an unforeseen health issue with the baby, A Forever Bond, Inc. stands by its commitment to provide every adopting family with services until a successful adoption is achieved.

When do birth parents relinquish their parental rights?

State law will determine when the birth parents' decision is final. Typically this cannot be done until after the baby is born. Depending on the state in which the birth parents reside, there may be a time frame within which the birth parents may rescind their relinquishment. In Florida, birth parents typically sign their relinquishment between 48-72 hours after the birth of the child. After the relinquishments have been signed, the birth parents no longer have any legal parental rights and may only try and rescind their relinquishment due to fraud or duress.

What about the birthfather? Do his rights need to be considered?

The birthfather's rights must be addressed as part of the adoption plan. States vary in the legal requirements as to the process for this. In Florida, if able and aware of the pregnancy, a birth father that desires to establish and/or protect his rights is expected to pay a fair and reasonable amount of the expenses incurred in connection with the mother's pregnancy and the child's birth, in accordance with his financial ability, when not prevented from doing so by the birth mother. We attempt to locate and contact birth fathers to see if they will voluntarily cooperate with the adoption and sign a consent or affidavit of non-paternity. For unmarried biological fathers who are located and will not cooperate, the Florida Supreme Court has mandated that we serve them with a notice of the birth mother's intended adoption plan. The notice gives the potential father a period of 30 days within which to indicate his intent to contest the adoption by taking certain specified actions. If the unmarried biological father fails to timely complete the required actions, we seek a court determination that he has no rights to the child.

What birthmother expenses will we be responsible for?

Birthmother expenses can involve any reasonable pregnancy-related expense, including but not limited to housing, utilities, transportation, food, and maternity clothing. When you begin working with A Forever Bond, Inc., you will be able to set your budget for birthmother expenses and we will only match you with a birthmother whose needs do not exceed that.

Will we be required to cover the birthmother's medical expenses?

In most cases, the birthmother's prenatal care, labor, and delivery are covered by their personal medical insurance or government-issued medical insurance. We work with each birthmother to ensure they have the appropriate medical coverage during this important time.


Is it possible to adopt unrelated children?

It is not possible to adopt unrelated children through our agency. It is our policy to place biological siblings together. If you are interested in adopting more than one child at the same time, there are many siblings in need of good families. In our program, we do not place unrelated children at the same time in the same family. If you wish to pursue another adoption after adopting one child, it is our policy to have the first child in your home a minimum of 1 year before proceeding on another adoption. This allows formation of attachment and bonding between your family and each child.

Will we be provided with medical records? Will we know if the child has any major medical problems?

You will be provided with any available information on the child (including a medical report) when the child is referred to you. There are many common diagnoses that do not impact the future health and well-being of the children.

Will we need to buy an insurance policy to cover the baby separate from our medical insurance?

The baby is usually covered under the birthmother's insurance until the birthmother signs over her parental rights. At that point, you will need to add the baby to your insurance policy.


How many post adoption reports for A Forever Bond, Inc. are required?

Generally you will be required to provide reports and pictures of your child at 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months and every year around your child's birthday until your child is 18.

Why are we required to provide post adoption reports?

We want to make sure that the children we place are happy and healthy in their new families. By requiring post adoption reports we are able to watch your child grow and provide current information to your child's birthparents.

What kind of support services do you offer before, during and after placement?

Your social worker and other agency personnel are available to help you throughout the process. If our agency cannot provide you direct assistance, we will refer you to someone who can help. We also hold reunions once a year which allow families to get together and visit with the friends they have made over the years.


What would you estimate the cost for the adoption to be?

Your total estimated costs for an adoption can range from approximately $32,000 - $50,000.

What are "Program Fees"?

A Forever Bond, Inc. establishes a budget for costs each year based on the number of adoptions it estimates completing in its program during the year. Based on these estimates, we establish program fees for an adoption, taking into consideration the amount of staff time and expenses which will be involved in maintaining the program for the year. Of course it would be prohibitive to allocate all of the costs (payroll, rent, insurance, supplies, etc.) to one adoption. Nevertheless, we will incur those costs even if the number of adoptions is less than we estimate. Therefore, we establish program fees for each adoption which we believe closely relates to our actual costs in running the program - not the actual time in completing or working on a specific adoption.

Why are fees paid, non-refundable?

Our program fees are paid in phases to enable families to budget their costs and to minimize the financial risk in the event that an adoption is not completed or a family withdraws from the program. The fee schedule provides for the majority of the costs to be paid close to the time when the adoption is finalized. As explained above, the program fees are established based on the costs to maintain a program, not on the time spent on each individual adoption.

Are my only other expenses my travel, accommodations, home study fees?

Those would be the majority of your other expenses.

What are the fees to adopt a second child?

Biological siblings may be adopted. Please contact us for details.

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