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Getting Started

Adoption Process

Step 1: Information and Counseling

After the initial meeting you will be assigned an adoption caseworker. Your caseworker will help you with completing paperwork and will discuss the type of assistance you need during your pregnancy. This could include assistance with accessing pre-natal care, transportation to medical appointments, planning for your future, and applying for financial assistance and government programs. In addition, you will be encouraged to attend counseling sessions regarding your feelings about making an adoption plan for your child.

Step 2: Selecting an Adoptive Family

We will provide you with adoptive family profiles based on your preferences. You will be able to review the profiles, ask questions and then select a few families to meet in person, over the phone or via Skype. This will be your opportunity to get to know them better and decide if you have a connection. Once you select a family, you can then decide how much contact you would like to have with them during your pregnancy. If you don't want to choose the adoptive family, they agency will choose one on your behalf.

Step 3: Creating an Adoption Plan

Once your delivery date gets closer, you will complete an adoption plan that outlines the experience you would like to have for your adoption. The adoption plan allows you to decide if you would like the adoptive parents to be present for the birth, who you would like present in the delivery room, how much time you would like to spend with your baby after delivery, if you would like to remain in the maternity ward for your hospital stay, if you would like the adoptive family to spend time with you and the baby, who you would like present when you sign your consent to the adoption and where you would like signing the consents to take place. This plan is provided to the hospital prior to your delivery so hospital staff can follow your wishes.

Step 4: Signing Consents

Your adoption caseworker or other agency staff will come to the hospital or other location you designate approximately 48 hours after your delivery or upon medical discharge from the hospital in order to take your consent to the adoption. A witness is required during the consent process. You can either choose your own witness that has no affiliation with the agency or the agency can provide a witness for you. All of the consent paperwork will be read to you in order to ensure that you understand each document you are signing. Once you sign the final consent document, you cannot change your mind about your adoption plan.

Step 5: Post-Adoption

You and the adoptive family will agree to what type of future contact is best for both families. This could mean pictures and updates are provided on a regular basis until the child is an adult, additional contact through phone calls, Facebook or Skype, or annual visitation. In addition, post adoption counseling is always available through the agency.

Questions to ask yourself if you are pregnant

  • What do I want out of life for myself?
  • Could I handle a child and a job and/or school at the same time?
  • Have I managed school and/or job and other activities well in the past?
  • Am I ready to give up the freedom to do what I want to do when I want to do it?
  • An example of something I would have to give up by having a child with me is...
  • Am I willing to cut back on my social life and stay home while my friends go out?
  • Would I miss my free time and privacy?
  • Can I afford to support a child?
  • Do I want to raise my child in the neighborhood I am living in now?
  • How might a child interfere with my growth and personal development?
  • How would parenting a child change my educational plans?
  • Am I willing to give a great part of my life - at least 18 years - to being a responsible parent?
  • Do I like doing things with children?
  • Do I want my child to be like me?
  • Do I expect a child to make my life happy?
  • When I am around small children for a while, how do I feel after being around them?
  • Am I able to give the child the love he/she needs/deserves?
  • Am I patient enough to deal with the noise, confusion, and the 24-hour-a-day responsibility?
  • What kind of time and space do I need for myself?
  • What do I do now when I am angry or upset?
  • What would I do to a child if I lost my temper or became angry?
  • What does good discipline mean to me?
  • How would I discipline a toddler?
  • Do I get along with my family?
  • How would I take care of my child's health and safety?

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