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Training Opportunities

Adoptive Parent Training

In Florida and other states, adoptive parent training is a requirement when determining the suitability of a family to adopt. In Florida Statutes Chapter 63.092, adoptive parent education is required and is to be described in the prospective adoptive family's pre-adoption home study.

This training prepares families for what to expect during the adoption process and also educates them about possible problems they might experience with their adopted child(ren). Even children that are adopted at a very young age may experience attachment problems. These trainings prepare prospective adoptive parents to have a better understanding of what their new child has been through and how to best integrate them into their family (i.e. transracial/transcultural adoption, older child adoption, etc.). Early preparation and understanding of possible problems can be extremely helpful to families planning to adopt.

You may complete the training online. The following is information about available online courses:

Brevard Family Partnership also offers adoptive parent training for those prospective adoptive parents that would like to adopt a child through foster care. All prospective adoptive parents would be required to attend PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education) classes in order to proceed with the child adoption process. Visit and for additional information on the steps to adopt a child from foster care along with location, times and dates of PRIDE training.


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